Obama’s years marred by crises
Chris Stirewalt at Fox News says President Obama’s poor skills as an executive have resulted crisis after crisis.

John Boehner’s last greedy move
Brian Beutler at Salon says Speaker John Boehner’s last move in the fiscal fight is to make a show of going after as many concessions from Democrats as possible.

Time for the GOP to dump the Tea Party
David Frum at CNN writes that the Tea Party has become a burden for Republicans.

Gerrymandering issue is overblown
Sean Trende at RealClearPolitics says political pundits are wrongly blaming gerrymandering for increased polarization.


Fitch threatens downgrade of US debt
Peter Schroeder at The Hill reports on the latest fallout from the debt-ceiling showdown.

House GOP scrambles to whip conservatives
Speaker John Boehner is engaged in a last-minute push to sell the conservative flank of his caucus on a proposed fiscal deal, Bernie Becker, Peter Schroeder and Russell Berman at The Hill report.