Christie will comply with gay marriage ruling
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) will cooperate with a court ruling legalizing gay marriage after the state Supreme Court denied his request for a delay, Business Insider reports. 

Frum likes new book on Bush White House
David Frum, a member of the George W. Bush White House, argues a new book about the era written by Peter Baker will stand up as the most polished draft of that history until the archives are open. 

Cruz’s financial disclosures
Time magazine reported Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) failed to disclose ties to a Jamaican holding company during his campaign. 

Anti-leak software lacking where Snowden worked
The NSA didn’t have up-to-date anti-leak software installed at its Hawaii site when Edward Snowden worked there, Reuters reports.


White House tours are back
The White House is partially reopening White House tours, Jonathan Easley reports for The Hill. 

A congressman’s apology to Park Service
Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) apologized to the National Park Service for confronting a park ranger about the closure of the World War II Memorial during the shutdown, Mario Trujillo writes for The Hill.