President-elect Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaRivals and consumers will rein in Facebook, not regulation Obamas send handwritten note to Parkland students: 'We will be there for you' Water has experienced a decade of bipartisan success MORE won't end Islamic terrorism with a speech, conservative bloggers declare after news that Obama is considering delivering a major address in an Islamic capital. Liberals, meanwhile, wonder why Democratic Sen. Diannie Feinstein (Calif.) seemingly changed her tune on torture with a comment earlier this week.

Oratory is the least effective weapon against terrorism, Abe Greenwald asserts at contentions after The New York Times reported Obama's consideration. If Obama travels to an Islamic capital to make a speech (Cairo is reportedly the leading candidate), he will end up looking more liberal than President Jimmy Carter while Islamic radicals around the world laugh at him, Dan Riehl proposes at Riehl World View.

Feinstein, who will take over the chairmanship of the Senate Intelligence Committee next year, has backtracked on her consistent opposition to torture, Salon's Glenn Greenwald writes after Feinstein said this week that, in some extreme cases, anti-torture rules could be bent. Feinstein has since asserted that she still thinks the Army Field Manual should be standard policy for interrogations, but ATTACKERMAN's Spencer Ackerman wonders if her comment reflects pressure from some unknown faction in the new administration to use torture.

Former Vice President Al Gore, meanwhile, earns plaudits from Open Left's Matt Stoller for a new campaign against "clean coal." With a new website and an ad campaign, Gore and other environmental groups are warning Americans that the sought-after "clean coal" technology doesn't exist yet, Stoller notes, while MyDD's desmoinesdem praises the humor of the campaign's first ad.

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