Former White House Press Secretary, who died Sunday after a bout with colon cancer, is being remembered by conservative bloggers as someone who was as gracious as he was talented. Barack ObamaBarack ObamaPoll: ObamaCare support hits new high How the candidates for DNC chair stack up ahead of Saturday's vote Ginsburg: Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is 'very easy to get along with' MORE may have made a misstep by rejecting public funds, according to one blogger on the right, but it's John McCainJohn McCainWhy the GOP cannot sweep its Milo scandal under the rug New York Knicks owner gave 0K to pro-Trump group Hannity apologizes for sharing 'inaccurate' story about McCain MORE's campaign who has been clumsy lately, according to liberal bloggers.

Snow's optimism, confidence and genuine interest in people was a breath of fresh air to a White House that needed it when he became press secretary in 2006, writes The Corner's Yuval Levin, a former White House staffer. Snow was the opposite of paranoid, as he assumed that everyone liked him, which was a rare quality for anyone in Washington, according to Contentions' John Podhoretz. The Associated Press took a "cheap shot" in its obituary of Snow by writing that he didn't always have command of the facts, writes Newsbusters' Tom Blumer.

Obama may have overestimated his fundraising capabilities and opted out of the public finance system because of his fantastic first quarter numbers, writes The Next Right's Patrick Ruffini, who suggests that McCain could have the money advantage. But McCain's campaign has stumbled by allowing its candidate and its surrogate, former Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Texas), to blame the country's real housing market and economic woes on psychology, suggests kos.

The housing bill passed by the Senate on Friday is based on circular logic, as it seeks to insure imperiled homeowners with revenue from new taxes on embattled mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, according to The Corner's Steven Spruiell. But what lawmakers have really failed to do is watch over greedy executives, who have profited under lax housing laws and may leave taxpayers holding the bag, writes Ian Welsh at Firedoglake.

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