Barack ObamaBarack ObamaCannabis conversation urged at North American Leaders Summit Obama: 'There's still work to do' for gay community Our most toxic export: American politick MORE may not have as large of a money advantage as previously thought after John McCainJohn McCainMarines reignite debate on women in combat Gun-control supporters plan next steps versus NRA Report: Prominent neoconservative to fundraise for Clinton MORE posted some impressive fundraising numbers for June, bloggers say Thursday. President Bush's unusual signoff to the G8 conference in Tokyo and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohi0) trying again to impeach Bush also have bloggers talking.

McCain raising $22 million in June gives him $95 million in cash on hand when combined with Republican National Committee fundraising, plenty of money to take on Obama The Next Right says. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey points out that Obama's fundraising has been decreasing since February and if that trend continues he may seriously regret forgoing public financing.

Bush saying "goodbye from the world's biggest polluter" to other world leaders at the conclusion of the G8 conference outrages Ryan at Think Progress who calls the joke "destructive" to climate change efforts. Wonkette calls the joke a "national embarrassment."

And Kucinich's new attempt to impeach Bush will likely die the same slow lonely death in committee as his previous efforts, First Read writes. Even though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) left the door open to holding a hearing on the impeachment article during her weekly press conference, Michelle Malkin calls the move nothing more than a "floor stunt."

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