Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaShould President Trump, like President Obama, forsake human rights in pursuit of the deal with a tyrant? Obama shares summer reading list ‘Three Californias’ plan would give Dems more seats MORE's birth certificate disproves rumors that he was born outside the country, say bloggers who came to the Illinois senator's defense digging up the document. The results of an internal probe into a National Republican Congressional Committee financial scandal has bloggers shocked. And Obama moving much of the Democratic National Committee to Chicago is the subject of debate.

An unlikely pairing from Daily Kos and The Corner debunks the rumor that Obama was born outside the United States. Kos posts Obama's birth certificate and writes that he's glad to squash false rumors that Obama was born in Kenya under the first name Barry and middle name Muhammad. But the document does not prove anything to some, as suitably flip points out it is not attributed to any person or organization and says it is a certificate of birth, and not a birth certificate.

The NRCC's former treasurer pocketed $725,000 according to an internal audit, The Caucus reports. The blog points out this is the worst time for the report to come out as the committee struggles to keep pace with its Democratic counterpart. The report undermines any GOP demands that Democrats be accountable to get their house in order, Michelle Malkin writes.

And Obama moving much of the party fundraising arm to Chicago is a "major shake-up," writes The Trail. But Marc Ambinder isn't surprised, writing it was a natural move for the Illinois senator's presidential campaign.

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