Delay on healthcare repeal?
The Justice Department decided not to push the case directly to the Supreme Court, instead opting to go through a federal circuit first, Lyle Denniston writes at SCOTUS Blog.

Democrats, filibusters and briar patches
It's not out of the realm of possibility the Senate could pass a repeal of President Obama's healthcare law, according to Moe Lane of RedState.

House votes to repeal 'Don't ask' as focus turns to Senate
The outcome is still uncertain in the Senate since past efforts have been brushed back by the upper chamber, David Wood of Politics Daily reports.

DeMint, Kyl and McConnell fight the War on Christmas
These three lawmakers could be facing a fiery inferno for invoking the holiday to rail against the lame-duck schedule, Barbara Morrill writes at Daily Kos.


House ethics chief counsel has resigned

Blake Chisam, the man who prosecuted Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), has stepped down from his post, a move that could spark chaos on the panel, our Susan Crabtree writes.

Senate approves tax-cut deal
The House is widely expected to pass President Obama's top priority for the lame-duck session, Lori Montgomery and Shailagh Murphy report in the Washington Post

U.S. tries to build case for conspiracy by WikiLeaks
Prosecutors are seeking evidence that the site's founder Julian Assange helped acquire government files, the New York Times's Charlie Savage writes

Poll supports shift to center
The public wants President Obama to find common ground, according to the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll.