Pawlenty downplays book tour
TG's Political Wire looks at the number of days Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) will spend in Iowa and New Hamsphire promoting his new book, Courage to Stand — a tour Pawlenty insists is not about politics. 

Lindsey Graham threatens US default unless Social Security cut
The senator argued on Meet the Press this weekend that Congress should not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless it also "changes its spending ways." Firedoglake talks through the argument.

Cino releases fourth plank
Maria Cino, a candidate for RNC chairman, announced her plan to improve state parties' get-out-the-vote efforts on Monday. NRO's The Corner has its key elements. 


Budget crunch threatens rollout of Wall Street reform regulations
Federal agencies tasked with implementing reforms on Wall Street are struggling to accomplish their goals without additional funding, reports our Peter Schroeder.

Issa says Obama administration is 'one of the most corrupt'
California Republican Darrell Issa estimated on Sunday that the investigations he will undertake as oversight chief could save taxpayers $200 billion. Philip Rucker with the Washington Post has more. 

Obama signs bill to help 9/11 workers
The president took time during his vacation on Sunday to sign a $4.3 billion measure covering the healthcare costs of aid workers sickened during the 9/11 rescue and cleanup effort. Sheryl Gay Stolberg with the New York Times explains the special circumstances of the signing.