Exit Jim Webb.

The American Prospect's Jamelle Bouie looks at the possible Democratic candidates to run for Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.)'s senate seat and argues the more liberal one shouldn't jump in.

Conservationist conservatism

M.S. at The Economist's Democracy in America blog tries to explain why businesspeople and some conservatives are skeptical of climate change.

Occupational Licensing: Should we care?

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones analyzes a progressive proposal for occupational licensing requirements. 

Youth and revolution

Heather Mac Donald at Secular Right thinks the young Egyptian protesters shouldn't be given too much serious attention.


Republicans in House battle turmoil in ranks

The New York Times' Carl Hulse reports of the interparty fueding going on among House Republicans. 

Obama's 'New Foundation' gives way —maybe to a catchier catchphrase

Peter Nicholas of The Los Angeles Times reports on the Obama administration's decision to switch its slogan from 'New Foundation' to 'Winning the Future.