Less than ideal
Daniel Larison of Eunomia disagrees with the idea that the "ideal" scenario in Libya would be for Egypt to invade it. 

The Constitutionality Of Intervention In Libya.
Adam Serwer is a fan of congressional authorization before U.S. military action that doesn't have to do with defense.

The bad logic of intervention in Libya
Step by step, the Leauge of Ordinary Gentlemen's E.D. Kain dismantles an argument by Marc Lynch for American intervention in Libya.

Has Mitt Romney figured out a position on health-care reform?
Ezra Klein writes that former Massachuessetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) may have changed his stance on healthcare reform.


Boehner to Obama: Lawmakers 'troubled' by intervention in Libya
The Hill's Russell Berman reports on a letter Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) sent to President Obama saying that American lawmakers are troubled by Obama's decisions on Libya. 

House Democrats keep pressure on Obama on NPR funding bill
Congressional Democrats want President Obama to do more to defend against a Republican plan to defund National Public Radio, reports Mike Lillis.