Wisconsin AFL-CIO Holds Joint Rally with Planned Parenthood
Redstate's Leon H. Wolf writes that Wisconsin's AFL-CIO members are now basically a "conscripted" part of 

A shutdown could help Obama while hurting both parties in Congress
Reseach shows that a government shutdown during a divided government (as opposed to a government controlled by one party) results in a public angry at the legislature but not the executive, according to Ezra Klein.

The Conservative States of America
At The Monkey Cage, Andrew Gelman writes about the political implications of the country's economy.

How To Question Quasi-Birthers
Jonathan Chait argues that there's a right way to ask GOP presidential candidates if they believe President Obama is an American citizen.


Coburn spars with Norquist over tax breaks for ethanol
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) sparred with anti-tax activist Grover Norquist over tax breaks for special interest groups, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports

GOP rejects Obama's Libya explanation
The Hill's Mike Lillis and John T. Bennett report that Republicans aren't buying President Obama's reasons for intervening in Libya.