The case for Obama campaigning as a foreign-policy president
Michael D. Shear at The New York Times's The Caucus blog argues that President Obama should run his reelection campaign on his foreign-policy record.

Michele Bachmann, voice of reason?
Daniel Larison writes that Rep. Michele Bachmann's (R-Minn.) comment that she wouldn't have gone into Libya is the kind of thing Tea Partiers should have been saying all along.

How Obama should emulate Reagan: Kucinich for SecDef, Ellsberg for DCI
Jim White at FireDogLake thinks President Obama should make Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) secretary of Defense. 

Bashar al-Assad's last stand?
At the Weekly Standard's blog, Lee Smith writes about Lebanon's response to recent events in Syria. 


White House briefing changes few minds on Libya involvement
After a classified briefing on Libya from the secretaries of State and Defense, most congressional lawmakers in the meeting emerged with largely the same opinions they had going in, The Hill's Mike Lillis, John T. Bennett and Molly K. Hooper report

White House hasn’t decided yet on arming Libyan rebels
After media reports that President Obama authorized covert aid to Libyan rebels, the White House reiterated that it hasn't decided on whether to arm the rebels, according to The Hill's Michael O'Brien.