Norquist to Coburn: drop out
Grover Norquiest declared war on Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) Thursday, writes National Review's Robert Costa.

The only responsible budget in town
Democracy: A Journal of Ideas editor Michael Tomasky, writing at his blog at The Guardian, makes the case for the House Progressive Caucus budget plan.

Obama appoints ‘oil and gas price fraud working group’. It’s about time!
President Obama is wasting his time looking into a oil and gas price fraud, Redstate's Steve Maley argues.

The Alan Keyes constant
Chicago magazine's Whet Moser has a term for when the so-called birthers or real estate mogul Donald Trump in the high 20s: "the Alan Keyes Constant." Read his post here


Hatch will oppose any Gang of Six deal that includes tax hikes
Sen. Orrin Hatch expressed his opposition to any Gang of Six deal that included tax increases, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports

Sen. Ensign to resign
Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) announced his resignation from office effective May 3, The Hill's Emily Goodin and Shane d'Aprile write.