The Halperin backlash backlash
The thing about journalist Mark Halperin saying that President Obama was "kind of a d--k" on Wednesday is that it isn't all that unusual for someone who disagrees with a member of a political party's stance to think like that, writes Dave Weigel at his blog.

The Gates have closed
In light of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates's retirement, Spencer Ackerman reviews his tenure and writes that it's been pretty successful.

In light of recent polling that shows Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) faring worse than other GOP candidates do in the Lone Star State, Jonathan Bernstein argues that in a general election Perry would probably do just fine in Texas.

Jump, Geithner, jump!
Hit & Run's Tim Cavanaugh wants Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to come out and definitively say whether he's staying in his post or leaving it soon.


McCotter to enter presidential race
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) will jump into the presidential race on Saturday, reports The Hill's Molly K. Hooper. 

Judge denies Boeing motion to dismiss NLRB lawsuit
A judge on Thursday denied a motion by Boeing to throw out a case against it by the National Labor Relations Board, The Hill's Keith Laing reports.