Not only "No,"but nonononono on McConnell's plan
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's debt-ceiling backup plan is a gift to President Obama, The American Spectator's Quin Hillyer argues.

Class warfare boomerangs on the GOP
McConnell's plans shows that Republicans are losing the PR battle, Mother Jones's Kevin Drum writes.

Mr. President, what are your priorities?
At Redstate, Repair Man Jack reacts to Obama's warning that unless the debt ceiling is raised, Social Security payments might not go out on Aug. 3. 

Hello? Mr. President? It's the Department of WTF calling.
The New Republic's Jon Cohn is worried that Obama's desire to reach a debt-ceiling increase deal is blinding him from what could be in the deal in the end.


McConnell fallback plan would leave debt-ceiling hikes to Obama
On Tuesday, McConnell laid out a plan to give Obama most of the responsibility for raising the debt ceiling, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports.

Democratic leaders: We don't know who's running GOP debt talks
Democrats aren't sure who's representing Republicans in the debt-ceiling negotiations, and they're using that confusion to portray Republican leadership as embroiled in infighting, The Hill's Mike Lillis and Daniel Strauss report.