Rebels won't hand over Lockerbie bomber

Libya's interim government has resisted calls from the West to turn over Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the convicted mastermind of 1988's Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, The Daily Beast reports.

'Great Recession' misleading?
Robert Kuttner at Huffington Post takes umbrage with the financial crisis' nickname, arguing that the economic climate is actually a depression.

What's being bought with food stamps?
Doug Ross is frustrated that the food-stamp program is not more heavily regulated, finding that benefits can be used to buy pizza and energy drinks.

Has Obama lost Colin Powell?

Doug Powers on Michelle Malkin's blog notes that the former secretary of State is holding off endorsing the president for a second term.


Campaign domain names fetch high asking prices
The Hill's Brendan Sasso finds that sites like are going for $50,000 each.

Obama: Hurricane recovery will take weeks

The federal response to the tropical storm will continue into September, The Hill's Ben Geman reports.