Why Barack Obama shouldn't withdraw
Whet Moser of Chicago magazine disagrees with a Chicago Tribune columnist's argument that President Obama should not run for reelection in 2012.

Another critique of the Buffett rule
At his National Review blog, Reihan Salam highlights a critique of the so-called Buffett rule that doesn't come from conservatives.

From president to politican
It's important to consider the political realities influencing Obama's transformation from "president to posturer," R.M. writes at The Economist's Democracy in America blog.

The upside of being abused by the GOP's Steve Kornacki argues that the debt-ceiling debates have given President Obama the advantage in raising taxes on the rich.


Shutdown fight looms amid impasse over disaster aid funding
The Hill's Russell Berman reports that an impasse over a disaster-relief spending bill could lead to a government shutdown. 

'Just go be Joe': Obama lets Biden loose on the campaign trail
Vice President Biden went on the campaign trail for President Obama's reelection campaign. The Hill's Sam Youngman has more.