Could Santorum surge in Iowa?

The Corner examines the ground operation of the former Pennsylvania senator and sees reason for optimism, in the model of Mike Huckabee

Does stimulus spending hurt the economy?

At U.S. News & World Report’s new Debate Club, Veronique de Rugy argues that poorly designed stimulus programs under the Bush and Obama administrations resulted in less economic growth than government spending

Lindsey Graham says Southern white men are intimidated
The senator was defending Rick Perry for what he sees as a smear campaign related to the racially charged name of his Texas hunting lodge, Thinkprogress reports

Civil rights leaders eulogize Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth
Firedoglake rounds up reaction to the passing of a giant of the Civil Rights Movement


Head of green energy loan program resigns
Jonathan Silver is stepping down as a probe into the program intensifies after the failure of solar-energy company Solyndra, The Hill’s Andrew Restuccia reports

Boehner praises Obama before Romney defense speech
The House Speaker was effusive in complimenting the presidents efforts in the war on terrorism, The Hill’s Russell Berman reports