Sneaking in Fannie-Freddie subsidies for the 1 percent
The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements should both back an amendment that was quietly added to an appropriations bill Wednesday afternoon, John Berlau argues at National Review's The Corner blog

Carl Hiaasen endorses Occupy Wall Street
Carl Hiaasen, the journalist and author, endorsed the Occupy Wall Street movement on Wednesday, according to Thinkprogress.

Jobs bill no better in small bites
At The Spectacle Blog, Ross Kaminsky writes that President Obama's jobs bill isn't any more appetizing in "bite-sized" pieces. 

Some like it cold
Seth Masket looks at the data and finds that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are likely to embrace the upcoming cold weather.


Cain draws boisterous support at Western GOP conference
Herman Cain received a warm welcome at the Western Republican Leadership Conference, according to The Hill's Josh Lederman

GOP: Democrats mum on anti-Semitism from Occupy Wall Street protesters
Republicans accused Democrats of ignoring anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protests, The Hill's Jonathan Easley reports.