Mitt's Mutt = Gail's Waldo
At his blog, The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg thanks New York Times columnist Gail Collins for making it easier to follow the presidential race.

SNL: Rick Perry gets the 'Of Mice and Men' treatment
Rick Perry was lampooned on Saturday Night Live, notes Ted Mann at The Atlantic Wire.

In praise of simple regulations
Mother Jones's Kevin Drum responds to some conservative criticism of his most recent column. 

Congress may try to prevent automatic cuts if supercommittee fails
Doug Mataconis of Outside the Beltway explains the obstacles involved in changing the trigger cuts to defense and domestic spending if the supercommittee fails to reach a deal.


Gloria Cain says her husband 'totally respects women'
Herman Cain's wife defended him against the charges that he sexually harassed a number of women, according to The Hill's Meghashyam Mali

Obama calls for national 'soul searching' in wake of Penn State scandal
In the wake of the Penn State scandal, President Obama called on "every institution" to do some soul searching, according to The Hill's Cameron Joseph.