Why Ron Paul and Rick Santorum should thank progressive Democrats

In the debut of his new blog, Vanity Fair editor Todd S. Purdum examines the history of the Iowa caucus and its role in the presidential nominating process

How media-driven campaign might doom Herman Cain
The Fix’s Rachel Weiner looks at how Cain’s preference for media appearances over retail politics makes recovering from recent gaffes all the more difficult

Republicans abandoning conservative principles?
Red State’s Daniel Horowitz argues that House Republicans’ support for the partial appropriations bill was a capitulation on campaign promises

Dennis Miller out on Herman Cain
The comedian, one of the first to jump on the Cain Train, said the breaking point for him was Cain’s struggle to answer a question on Libya, Mediaite reports


Herman Cain receives Secret Service protection

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano approved the campaign’s request for a protection detail, The Hill’s Justin Sink reports

House approves spending bill averting shutdown
Republicans approved the minibus appropriations bill to fund the government through Dec. 16, The Hill’s Eric Wasson reports