Is Huntsman starting to get traction?
Rachelle Cohen at the Boston Herald
argues that the former Utah governor is showing signs of life in New Hampshire

Bachmann walks back Iranian embassy comments
Just a week after saying she was the candidate who wouldnt have any campaign trail gaffes, Michele Bachmann is forced to explain her call to close the U.S. embassy in Iran — that hasnt been there since 1980, ABC’s The Note reports

Huntsman girls return to YouTube
The candidate’s daughters riff on a Justin Timberlake classic while knocking other candidates in their second foray into viral videos

Cain won’t be able to shake Ginger White
The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart details
why the latest Cain accuser is among the most convincing


Google rips Senate online-piracy bill
The tech giant said the legislation is what is wrong with Washington, The Hill’s Gautham Nagesh reports

Republican brass warn caucus on tax votes
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told his rank and file that voting against extending the payroll-tax cut risks hurting the Republican image, The Hill’s Russell Berman and Bernie Becker report