John Edwards asks for trial delay

The former Democratic presidential candidate on trial for paying off his mistress with campaign funds says an undisclosed illness would make it difficult for him to attend the trial, NPR reports

The ideological origins of the Paul newsletters
Salon’s Alex Pareene traces the historical connections between libertarian ideology and racist populism

House GOP caved on tax-cut extension

Slate’s David Weigel says the Republicans’ immediate loss is really, really clear, although notes that they lost little ground over the long term

Is a brokered convention possible?
National Review’s Brian Bolduc demonstrates a plausible scenario under which Romney, Gingrich and Paul could split delegates


House GOP agrees to two-month tax-cut extension

The Hill’s Russell Berman and Alexander Bolton have all the latest on the Republican leadership’s decision to cave on the Senate tax plan

Obama’s border chief resigns
Alan Bersin, head of Customs and Border Protection, resigned Thursday after the Senate blocked his confirmation, The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports