Partisan politics and vicious assaults
Peter Wehner at Contentions defends Rick Santorum from an attack over a stillborn child.

Gay Marriage: The 21 century’s most successful pro-family policy
The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf argues that gay marriage is pro-family and Rick Santorum’s opposition contradicts the GOP candidate’s platform.

Santorum’s website after Iowa and his ‘Google problem’
Rick Santorum isn’t helping improve his own Google search engine results by being unprepared for the traffic spike, Nick Judd writes at Tech President.

Santorum commits Republican sacrilege: attacking Ronald Reagan
Rick Santorum committed one of the gravest sins in Republican politics by criticizing former President Reagan, Jamie Weinstein writes for The Daily Caller.


Gingrich directly attacks Romney in latest commercial
The Hill’s Justin Sink reports that for the first time, Newt Gingrich criticized Mitt Romney by name in a new ad released Thursday.

Obama takes 2012 risk by ending Pentagon’s two-war strategy
The new defense strategy President Obama announced Thursday might start a new political war with Republicans, John T. Bennett and Jeremy Herb report for The Hill.