King's message and 'endless war'

Salon's Glenn Greenwald uses the occasion of the MLK holiday to reflect on contemporary civil rights abuses — especially within the context of fighting terrorism — and if they are unequally experienced by minorities.

Inside the evangelical movement

Red State's Erick Erickson shares his reflections on a behind-closed-doors meeting of evangelical leaders seeking a GOP candidate behind whom to rally.

Why Huntsman was doomed from the start
Slate's Dave Weigel performs a postmortem on what went wrong for the former Utah governor.

Bain attacks ineffective?
Ed Morrissey at Real Clear Politics says that recent polling validates that Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital is unlikely to be an Election Day liability.


Romney cruising in Florida

The former governor looks like he should easily handle the Sunshine State on his way to capturing the GOP nomination, according to the latest polls, reports The Hill's Jonathan Easley.

Perry: God never said I was going to win
The Texas governor said that the challenges of his presidential campaign have strengthened his spiritual life, The Hill's Alicia Cohn reports.