Obama’s Keystone decision is ‘brave’
The president is standing up to Big Oil, writes top Keystone protester Bill McKibben.

Obama caves to special interests in Keystone decision
The president capitulated to pressure from environmental groups, writes Ronald Bailey at Reason.

Mitt Romney bungles his tax returns
Alec MacGillis at The New Republic
says Mitt Romney has himself to blame for his tax problems.

Romney should make a moral case for lower taxes
Mitt Romney should use his escalating tax problem as a chance to make an argument for lower taxes, writes The Wall Street Journal’s opinion page.


Anti-piracy bills pose challenge for vulnerable incumbents
The SOPA and PIPA backlash has some incumbents in a tough spot, reports Josh Lederman at The Hill.

House approves resolution opposing Obama’s debt-limit hike
Pete Kasperowicz at The Hill
reports on the House vote against raising the debt ceiling, which some say is merely symbolic.