Most Americans agree — Obama’s State of the Union was like Al Green’s music to their ears
At Jack & Jill Politics, Cheryl Contee writes that President Obama's State of the Union address was one of his best speeches. 

What a night
National Review celebrated the 10-year anniversary of The Corner blog, writes the magazine's Jonah Goldberg. 

Gingrich: The wrong conversation
The conversation leading up to the South Carolina primary was focused on the "wrong things," argues Will Truman at the League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

Newt, we knew ye too damn well!
The Powerline Blog's John Hinderaker sees indications that Newt Gingrich's "bubble may be bursting."


On visit to Arizona, Obama and Brewer spar over her book
President Obama and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) appeared to get into an argument upon his arrival in Brewer's state, reports The Hill's Amie Parnes

Rubio gets off the 2012 bench
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has jumped into the ring in the Florida Republican primary, writes The Hill's Alexander Bolton.