Gingrich to challenge Florida's winner-take-all primary results
Newt Gingrich's campaign is trying to take up a disagreement over arranging for Florida's delegation divvied out proportionally. 

Romney wins, but turnout lags
The turnout numbers in the Florida GOP primary could be a bad sign for the Republican presidential field, argues Nate Silver

Plaid revolution: Citizens celebrate death of redevelopment
At Reason's Hit & Run blog, Tim Cavanaugh writes about "Golden Day" in California.

'Gasland' director in handcuffs
Dave Weigel writes about film director Josh Fox getting arrested during a congressional hearing.


STOCK Act now makes senators squirm
Senators are showing anxiety over legislation meant to curb insider trading among legislators, reports The Hill's Alexander Bolton

Tax cut pay-fors bog down lawmakers
Lawmakers began their negotiations on a payroll tax cut extention, The Hill's Bernie Becker reports.