Gingrich's path to victory

Erick Erickson at Human Events asks the former Speaker to sketch out how he could regain his footing in the race for the Republican nomination after slipping behind both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.

Democrats could be well positioned to hold Senate
Hotline's Sean Sullivan sketches out the plausible paths for Democrats to hold on to the upper chamber after Sen. Olympia Snowe's retirement and former Sen. Bob Kerrey's decision to jump back into the race.

How proportional delegate awards could keep Santorum alive
Slate's Dave Weigel previews the coming GOP nominating contests, seeing a rocky road for front-runner Mitt Romney — and plenty of opportunities for Rick Santorum to pick up delegates.

Did Romney win or survive?
The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn examines why the Michigan primary ever got so close for Mitt Romney.


Democratic lawmaker demands removal of anti-Obama Metro ad

The billboard, in a Virginia subway station, includes the phrase, "Go to hell, Barack," The Hill's Keith Laing reports.

Confusion over Romney support for Blunt amendment
Romney's presidential campaign insisted the former governor supported the legislation, which would allow employers to opt out of healthcare coverage they morally object to, after he seemingly indicated opposition in an interview Wednesday afternoon, The Hill's Sam Baker reports.