Why $4 gas is the GOP's fault

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich argues a lack of Wall Street regulation is actually responsible for rising fuel prices.

Internet responds to Obama's Rutherford B. Hayes joke

Historians — and Internet commentators — point out that the 19th president was actually an advocate of new technologies, unlike how he was portrayed by Obama, Buzzfeed reports.

Who is Angus King?
National Review examines the man who has singlehandedly shaken up the Maine Senate race — and perhaps control of the U.S. Senate.

ObamaCare hysteria
Jonathan Cohn outlines in the New Republic why reports that the program's costs have doubled are deceptive.


GOP bill would give seniors same insurance plan as lawmakers

But the eligibility age for Medicare would gradually increase from 65 to 70, The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports.

Agriculture promises beef without 'pink slime'

The Obama administration said Thursday that it would offer school districts ground beef without a controversial filler, The Hill's Mike Lillis reports.