The eight races that will decide the Senate

The University of Virginia's Center for Politics takes an in-depth look at how the Senate races — and control of the upper chamber — could shake out.

Are Republicans hypocritical on activist judges?
The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky says conservatives who once railed against legislating from the bench are now willing to compromise their principles for the sake of overturning the healthcare reform law.

Obama is messing with Texas
The National Review's Patrick Brennan says Obama is using healthcare reform to influence state-level abortion decisions.

Biden should be cautious about presidential run
Salon's Steve Kornacki says age would be a factor in a hypothetical Biden bid.


GOP increasingly confident Ryan bill will pass House

Conservative House Republicans are racking up yes votes, The Hill's Erik Wasson and Russell Berman report.

Pelosi says healthcare law will withhold court challenge
The House minority leader is confident the Supreme Court will uphold the law after arguments next week, The Hill's Mike Lillis reports.