Is ObamaCare an unconstitutional misadventure?
At Defining Ideas, Richard Epstein examines how the individual mandate could unravel the core of the president's signature legislation.

Santorum was right to curse
Slate's Dave Weigel argues that the Republican candidate was justified in his condemnation of New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny, arguing that Santorum's anti-Romney comments were in clear reference to a healthcare discussion.

Could Santorum leverage his position to a vice presidential nomination?

Salon's Steve Kornacki says there is historical precedent for such a move, and looks back to the intra-party fight between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in 1980.

Is the DC establishment against Marco Rubio?
Hot Air's Allahpundit gathers concern that the media is out to "torpedo the conservative Obama" before he is added to a presidential ticket and earns national recognition.


House GOP delays vote on short-term highway bill
Leadership cited a new bipartisan push they hope will settle disagreements over a short-term extension in delaying the vote, The Hill's Pete Kasperowicz reports.

General: Rogue attacks on troops will continue
The Afghanistan commander said that attacks from Afghan troops considered to be allies will likely continue as part of a insurgency effort, The Hill's Carlo Munoz reports.