Obama comes up short on gay marriage
Gawker's John Cook says the president should have declared his belief that gay couples to have an unassailable right to marry, not simply that he personally believed they ought to be able to

Obama campaign sees advantage in announcement
While their hand may have been forced, the Obama team believes every opportunity to distract from a fight over the economy is a good one, Time's Mark Halperin writes.

How can Romney fire up evangelical base?
CBN's David Brody says
the presumptive Republican nominee needs to find an issue that will rally his base in the same way liberals will be energized by the president's gay marriage announcement

Conservatives and the 'anti-gay' charge
National Review's Dennis Prager says conservatives should argue that it is unfair to conflate opposing same-sex marriage with being anti-gay


The Hill's updated Senate and House ratings
The Ballot Box team sees encouraging signs for Democrats in their updated projections for November's competitive House and Senate elections

The political calculus of gay marriage
The president's decision could win younger voters and energize his base, but he risks alienating independent voters in swing states, The Hill's Amie Parnes reports.