Romney must address his faith

Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest says Romney’s faith is such a big part of him, voters won’t feel like they know the candidate unless they hear about that part of his life.

Obama the uniter is gone for good

Matt Negrin at ABC News says 2012 will bring a different candidate from the one of hope and change.

Obama will lose Florida in 2012
Jamelle Bouie at The Plum Line says Romney's surge into the lead in the Sunshine State is no surprise.

Mitt’s tall tales about private equity
Steve Rattner at The New York Times says Mitt Romney is off-base in claiming he was a job creator at Bain Capital.


Romney vows to lower jobless rate in first term to 6 percent
Jonathan Easley at The Hill reports on Romney’s bold prediction.

Pelosi asks Boehner for immediate vote on middle-class tax cuts

Mike Lillis at The Hill reports on the House minority leader’s move.