Romney will spend $2 million on ads this week

Commercials will air in Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia and combat a $25 million monthlong buy from the Obama campaign, CNN's Kevin Bohn reports.

Stop letting Mitt Romney get off easy
Plum Line's Greg Sargent says the press needs to do a better job questioning the Republican candidate's claims on jobs issues.

Elizabeth Warren's 'Pow Wow Chow'

The National Review's Charles C.W. Cooke tries out the recipes submitted by Warren, who has controversially claimed a Cherokee background, to a Native American cookbook.

The sad story of Thaddeus McCotter
Salon's Steve Kornacki chronicles the Michigan congressman's stumble in qualifying for the Republican primary ballot.


Sen. Kirk's campaign might have broken FEC law

The senator's ex-wife said a payment to a former girlfriend could have been illegal, The Hill's Rachel Leven reports.

White House expresses concerns over Syrian rebels
Press secretary Jay Carney said arming rebels could increase the "chaos and carnage" and is "not the right course," The Hill's Jeremy Herb reports.