Current polling shows tenuous edge for Obama

The debut forecast from FiveThirtyEight's electoral model shows that President Obama is a slight favorite to win reelection, with Nate Silver setting his chances at just better than 60-40.

Was Romney a draft-dodger?
Salon's Joan Walsh says despite the presumptive GOP nominee's instance he had a "desire" to serve, Romney secured four deferments during Vietnam.

Did Obama join a third party?
The National Review's Stanley Kurtz says meeting minutes of the Chicago chapter of a leftist political party show the president might have switched affiliations during the 1990s.

Does Romney's stump speech lie about White House deliberations?

Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait says that Romney's oft-repeated refrain alleging the Obama team pursued healthcare reform despite acknowledging it could slow the economy has no basis in the record.


White House rejects special counsel on national security leaks

Press secretary Jay Carney says although the administration takes the leaks seriously, an outside investigation is not necessary, The Hill's Jeremy Herb reports.

Obama says student loan extension a 'no-brainer'

The president accused congressional Republicans of stalling during a speech in Nevada on Thursday, The Hill's Amie Parnes reports.