Obama shifts Romney to uncomfortable terrain

Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait argues the president's push for teachers and emergency responders forces Romney to defend the status quo while the president proposes alternatives, flipping the script that has thus far been successful for the Republican challenger.

SWAT-ting no joke

Red State's Erick Erickson objects to the description of phone calls to police reporting conservative activists had committed violent crimes as "a practical joke."

Romney and 'sport'

Mother Jones's Tim Murphy finds the Republican nominee's particular, non-pluralized description of athletic endeavors to be a Romneyism with history.

Is Obama the leaker-in-chief?

The Weekly Standard's Lee Smith says White House revelations about top-secret operations have real-world consequences.


President looks to reboot with Romney attacks

Obama hopes by ramping up criticism of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, he can re-energize a campaign that has been bruised in recent weeks, The Hill's Amie Parnes reports.

Reid calls for investigation into boxing upset
The Senate majority leader says the Nevada attorney general should investigate the controversial decision in last week's Pacquiao-Bradley bout, The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports.