Gaming out a mixed SCOTUS decision
The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn writes about the latest rumors surrounding the Supreme Court’s healthcare decision and takes a look at the law’s individual mandate.

Huntsman to Brookings
Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin writes about Jon Huntsman’s move to join the Brookings Institution.

Executive privilege does not apply exclusively to presidential communications

Josh Israel at ThinkProgress argues that invoking executive privilege isn’t evidence of involvement by the president.

Political calculus of DREAM amnesty decree
The Corner’s Mark Krikorian writes about a Bloomberg poll regarding Obama’s immigration approach.


Obama asserts executive privilege ahead of Holder contempt vote

President Obama asserted executive privilege Wednesday over documents sought by a House panel ahead of a vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, The Hill’s Jordy Yager and Jonathan Easley report.

Major lobbying ban inserted into House spending legislation
A major lobbying ban was inserted into the 2013 financial services spending bill Wednesday, The Hill’s Erik Wasson reports.