House Republicans (briefly) celebrate victory on healthcare ruling
Slate’s Matt Taylor takes a look at the short-lived victory tweets of conservatives during the healthcare decision.

Ruling makes it easier for Republicans to deny Medicaid to millions
The Nation’s George Zornick argues the Supreme Court’s decision to deem the Medicaid expansion portion of the healthcare bill unconstitutional could cost millions of Americans a shot at government healthcare.

ObamaCare: Was the conservative dissent on the mandate originally a majority opinion?
Hot Air’s anonymous blogger Allahpundit writes about reasons to think the dissent in the healthcare decision was originally intended for the majority.
'Re-evaluation' of Roberts begins
Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin writes that Justice Roberts’s image will begin to change following the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling.


Obama initially thought his health mandate had been overturned
President Obama first thought his healthcare mandate had been struck down by the Supreme Court, due to mistaken reports on cable news, The Hill’s Amie Parnes reports.

GOP shocked with Roberts ruling
Republicans were shocked and disappointed Thursday after Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion to uphold President Obama’s healthcare legislation, The Hill’s Alexander Bolton reports.