Romney/Ayotte 2012?
The Atlantic
's Elspeth Reeve looks at some potential female contenders for the VP slot in the wake of Ann Romney's disclosure that the campaign is considering the possibilities.

Calling the individual mandate a tax good strategy for Democrats
The Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky explains how embracing the term could hurt Romney more than Obama.

Save Assange
The American Conservative's Kelley Vlahos thinks conservatives who care about government transparency should be rooting for WikiLeaks and its founder. 

Court created an unprecedented power to tax
Reason's Andrew Napolitano says that the Supreme Court decision amounts to a massive expansion of federal power.


Job numbers up

A day ahead of the highly anticipated employment report, some metrics show positive signs, The Hill's Vicki Needham reports.

Countrywide gave preferential treatment to members of Congress
The House Oversight Committee found the mortgage company treated politicians to VIP status, The Hill's Russell Berman reports