Obama faces uphill climb
The Weekly Standard's Jay Cost says the president has an electoral hold on few outside his core constituency at the moment.

The real states'-rights issue with immigration
The Daily Beast's Robert Morgenthau thinks the biggest concern is whether local jurisdictions can protect residents from the chaotic and deeply flawed federal immigration system.

You can't always trust the pundits

The American Prospect's Steve Erickson reminds us that, even when there's chattering-class consensus, politics can be far more unpredictable than we like to imagine. 

Rethinking military spending
The American Conservative's Kelley Vlahos suggests that, with sequestration looming, some types of compensation are in need of debate and reform.


Republicans debate when, how Romney should give more policy details
GOP strategists are arguing over how specific the candidate should be on his ideas, The Hill's Cameron Joseph reports.

Boehner may say nay to farm bill

The House Speaker's personal opposition and potential defections by conservative members could hurt its prospects, The Hill's Erik Wasson reports.