Only 29 percent of independents think ObamaCare is good for America

The Weekly Standard’s Jeffrey Anderson writes that the latest poll by Rasmussen Reports marks the 101st consecutive time that voters have supported the repeal of the president’s healthcare law. 

The media obsess on Bain while we head to a recession

Right Turn’s Jennifer Rubin argues that the media should stop fussing about the Bain battle and focus on the economy.

The mystery of Mitt Romney’s lame defense of his Bain years
Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum asks why Mitt Romney doesn’t have a better defense against the Bain attacks.

Even Ann Romney’s horse lives better than most Americans
Americablog’s John Aravosis shares a description of Ann Romney’s Olympic-bound horse.


Obama ramps up attacks against Romney as job outsourcer

President Obama talked up a report Monday that claimed Mitt Romney’s economic plan would create overseas jobs, The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reports.

Senate GOP scuttles Law of the Sea treaty
Senate Republicans have garnered enough votes to block the ratification of the Law of the Sea treaty, The Hill’s Carlo Munoz reports.