The (deep) dish on 'Chicago-style politics'
Slate's Jacob Weisberg explains why charges of an Obama connection to the Chicago machine make no sense.

The right's conspiracy culture
The Daily Beast's Jonathan Kay looks at the anti-Muslim activist Frank Gaffney and his connection to Michele Bachmann's attack on Huma Abedin.

Time to stop blaming the Tea Party
Reason's Matt Welch says coverage of the tragedy in Aurora, Colo., is but the latest example of the media pinning violence on the right before the facts are known.

Even with heavy spending, race remains the same
RealClearPolitics's Sean Trende says that despite outspending Romney in June, Obama still faces only 50/50 odds of reelection.


Majority blame Obama for economy
Fifty-three percent of likely voters think Obama's actions have been wrong, The Hill's Sheldon Albert reports.

Romney heads overseas
The Republican candidate hopes to burnish his foreign-policy credentials — but also faces some risks — with a visit to Israel, Poland and the United Kingdom this week, The Hill's Niall Stanage reports.