Mental health care, not gun control
Fox's Dr. Kieth Ablow says Aurora was caused by our broken mental health system, not firearm laws.

A voting guide for the disaffected
The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf explains how strategically supporting third parties could make the two main parties shift their policies.

Swift-Bain Veterans for Disclosing Tax Returns?
The New Republic's William Galston explains why the 2012 election is not 2004 redux.

Behind every great man ...
Hot Air's Erika Johnsen wonders if Michelle Obama or Ann Romney might just help sway the election.


Senate to take up-or-down votes on taxes
Both parties' proposals on the Bush tax cuts will require a simple majority to pass, The Hill's Ramsey Cox reports.

Geithner defends Libor role
The Treasury Secretary says he acted appropriately in connection to the rate manipulation scandal, The Hill's Peter Schroeder reports.