ObamaCare measures for women go into effect today, but legal challenges ongoing
ThinkProgress's Amanda Peterson Beadle explains the preventive services that must now be covered by most plans, and the legal challenge brewing over contraception.

American dreams of grandeur
The American Conservative's Samuel Goldman argues some of the blame for dissatisfaction with Washington rests with voters' irrational expectations.

Romney sounds right note on energy
Redstate's Daniel Horowitz thinks Romney is correct to call for an end to the wind energy tax credit.

GOP rightward turn making it too extreme for some of its own
Firedoglake's David Dayen says recent comments by two congressmen highlight a party moving to the ideological fringe.


Obama announces new sanctions on Iran

The moves by the president and the Treasury cover the nation's energy and petrochemical sectors, along with banking interests, The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports.

Romney says press focusing on trip stumbles to distract from Obama
The candidate is arguing some in the media care more about defending the president than policy issues, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.