Why Romney might announce early
Salon's Steve Kornacki believes that if, as speculation has it, Romney announces a running mate earlier than usual, it might indicate the campaign is looking to change the conversation — but only on its own terms.

Chicken and politics

The American Conservative's Rod Dreher says that "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" wasn't about opposing gay marriage, but standing up to bullying.

The Jersey Shore candidate
The New Republic's Noreen Malone says a candidate drawing comparisons to Snooki and the character Elle Woods from the movie "Legally Blonde" exemplifies parallels between gender roles in reality TV and politics.

Culture and economic success
The Corner's Victor Davis Hanson defends Romney's remarks in Israel, and says culture does have a place in the conversation about success.


Deficit plan to be released day after election
Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio) says a plan that could gain support from leaders is written but will be saved until after the campaign season is over, The Hill's Russell Berman reports.

LaHood: No danger of collision at DC airport

The Transportation secretary says the planes as Reagan Washington National Airport were never on a collision course, The Hill's Keith Laing reports.