From the blogs:

The risks and rewards of Ryan
Red State's Daniel Horowitz
examines how Romney could best use the VP pick to bolster his chances.

Romney budget more radical than Ryan's
The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn says Romney's budget plans look even more severe than his running mate's.

No vets in the running
Hot Air's Jazz Shaw points out this is the first post-WWII election in which a veteran is not on either major party ticket.

Cleaner air — but for how long?
ThinkProgress's Jackie Weidman celebrates the positive fiscal and health benefits that will result from an ongoing decrease in air pollution, but warns Congress could stem the tide of progress.

Other news sources:

Presidential debate moderators announced
Candy Crowley will be the first woman to moderate a presidential debate since 1992, The Hill's Alicia M. Cohn reports.

Rep. Jackson being treated for bipolar disorder at Mayo Clinic
The congressman's doctors say he is responding well to treatment but declined to say when he could return to work, The Hill's Mike Lillis reports.