Paul Ryan represents Romney's commitment to reform ...
Human Events's David Limbaugh unpacks the message Romney sent in choosing the congressman from Wisconsin.

... Or does he?
Reason's Gene Healy pours cold, libertarian water on the flames of political passion ignited by Ryan's selection.

It's like Solyndra-vu all over again
Time magazine's Michael Grunwald argues that the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars was worth "winning the game" of federally subsidized and -mandated clean energy and that we should do it again.

Mormons vs. Catholics
Slate's L. V. Anderson explains the parallels between the Romney-Ryan ticket and the relationship between the Mormon and Catholic churches.


Rep. Cardoza (D-Calif.) resigns suddenly

The lawmaker is resigning both out of pressing family needs and frustration over dwindling prospects for legislative progress, The Hill's Peter Schroeder and Alexandra Jaffe report.

Team Romney blasts Biden over 'chains' comment

The Romney campaign says Biden's comments at a Virginia campaign event show once and for all Obama's determination to run a negative campaign, The Hill's Justin Sink reports.