Romney website rips off Obama text

The Romney campaign's website appears to have copied portions of the president's reelection page, Salon's Alex Seitz-Wald reports.

Schumer tempted by laundry detergent pods
The New York lawmaker chided manufacturers for making the packets "look so delicious" during a press conference, The Daily Caller's Caroline May reports.

Rep. Walter Jones appears on show anchored by white nationalist

The North Carolina Republican appeared on a show co-hosted by a man who has praised David Duke, Mother Jones's Tim Murphy reports.

Real Biden and The Onion Biden converge

Internet commenters are making hay over a photo that shows Vice President Biden cozied up to a biker at an Ohio Diner, The Washington Post's Suzi Parker reports.


Ryan to return to Capitol Hill on Thursday

The Wisconsin lawmaker will exit the campaign trail for an upcoming vote to fund the government for the next six months, The Hill's Russell Berman reports.

Chicago teachers strike becomes national issue
Mitt Romney's campaign pushed the labor dispute to the forefront of the presidential campaign on Monday, The Hill's Daniel Strauss reports.