QE3 arrives
The quantitatve easing announced Thursday is nothing new or particularly innovative, but it's still a good idea, Felix Salmon of Reuters writes.

Liberals vs. teachers
Why do some liberals hate teachers unions? Corey Robin shares his theory in a post at Jacobin magazine's blog. 

Chicago: The new Wisconsin?
The Chicago Teachers Union is leading unions in general into a major public opinion trap, Ed Morrissey argues at Hot Air

Clinton 'explaining stuff': In a hole, first thing is to stop digging
Bill Clinton, the "secretary of explaining stuff", was explaining things to a crowd in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, writes Bloomberg News's Mark Silva.


Ryan gets hero’s welcome from House GOP upon return to DC
Paul Ryan received a hero's welcome when he visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday, according to The Hill's Erik Wasson and Russell Berman.

Congress on pace to be least productive
The 112th Congress could end up being one of the least productive Congresses in American history, report Roll Call's Jonathan Strong and Humberto Sanchez